Lampshade Lettering

This lamp was an entry in the Portland Society for Calligraphy's 2022 member exhibit, Beautiful Words. I chose excerpts from the biblical book of Proverbs that deal with the power of spoken words to heal or harm.

I had a lamp with removable slag glass panels and thought it would be fun to decorate them with brush-written Italic letters. In the photos below, you can see how the text was written in a spiral before cutting it into trapezoids and attaching them to the existing panels of the lampshade. I used some beautiful Chinese paper with gold flecks that gave the brushstrokes a delightful texture. Unfortunately the sparkles of gold are not visible in my photos.

The lampshade is a standard size for these types of lamp, roughly 10.5 inches along the bottom and 8 inches along the slanted sides. It easily snaps on and off the base (not included).  $500